A part of my assignment was to web-conference with my learning partner Christopher.  I found this very helpful with keeping me on track of what the expectations were for the assignments.  We Skype a number of times throughout the months, sent emails to help us stay motivated, and our shared understanding of the expectations for the assignments. We had so many ideas on what to research for our topic on the emerging trends and roles, that for a couple of weeks we went back and forth on what topic we should research. Finally after a month or so we narrowed the topic to Blended Learning Classrooms.

Throughout the process of online learning, I found it hard to schedule time to work on the assignments that didn’t have firm due dates.  I was thankful when I knew that we were scheduled to Skype and that I was accountable for sharing my research.

Overall, Christopher and I had similar views on instruction in the adult classroom, and the importance to have a variety mediums and not to rely only on one method of teaching and expect all students to learn in the same way. Christopher shared one of his websites from the Khan Academy and I learned that they have a number of tools and resources to help an instructor get started in creating a Blended Learning Classroom.  I can’t wait to spend more time looking at this website.