I work in the Early Childhood Education field which has some similarities to that, of the Adult Learning field. As I was reading the assigned textbook Adult Learning Linking Theory and Practice, Merriam, S.B., & Bierema, L. L. (2014) , it helped me distinguish and understand some of the differences of an adult learner and a child learner.  I had a moment of clarification when was able to understand my own learning style and what type of instruction style I tend to lean towards.

The readings and research that I did for this course help me understand what is needed in order to be a great instructor.  Even though, I was challenged to move out of my comfort zones throughout the course, I have a better understanding and feel more confident with researching, finding resources and using technology to help enhance a student’s learning.

I have been teaching children for close to 30 years and I have seen many trends in the preschool classroom, most recently the use of technology.  Some preschools have purchased iPads to be used in the classroom, this use of Blended Learning helps support the child’s learning and understanding of concepts. For example, if a child has a question or an interest in a topic they can look it up on the iPad with a teacher, it could include videos and/or current pictures of the actual interest.  I would like to see this Blended Learning approach in all Centers where children are learning and being taught. Currently in British Columbia some companies and organizations are willing to fund innovation projects, so having access to iPads in all preschool classrooms might not be too far off in the future.