New Insights

The variety of roles that an adult educator takes on, is just not the traditional lecturer at the front of the classroom, but so many other combinations of teaching methods.  As I was researching for my trends and roles assignment, I was able to find more information on the key theories of adult education and the characteristics of an adult learner.  If I am going to be an effective adult educator, I  will need to use a combination of principles and practices that will appeal to the students of today and the future.

I was surprised to find out that Blended Learning in the post secondary classroom is a newer trend, I thought that it had been around longer than the 1990’s.  I just learned that the concept has been around longer, but the actual terminology has just recently been established.

As I was researching the Flipped Classroom I was finding out that there will be challenges as an adult educator setting up this type of environment.  Also this is one approach in a wider framework of instructional methods.

  • I will need to engage and motivate students when in the classroom, as well as when we are not face to face.
  • My research and technological abilities must continue to improve in order to provide relevant and current information.
  • I will need to collaborate and provide students with the tools to assess their learning.

As I continue this journey into adult instruction, I will continue to use Reflective Practice skills.