Tech and Trek

In my class I have been researching information on technology in the classroom and starting to form an educated opinion. I am slowly gaining the confidence to use different media tools to enhance the student learning and structure the classroom time.  I came across a digital article by Emily Tate posted on the Inside Higher Ed, dated February 22, 2017.  In the article a few Colleges and Universities in the States are providing their students and faculty with iPads to help support their learning inside and outside of the classroom. These devices will help all students to have access to the same technology as well as the teachers.  The teachers will be able to engage the students by setting up twitter, Facebook and other social media  tools to provide reminders, assignments and connections when the students are not in the class.  What is different with the Ohio College is they are adding a component power down time by setting up time to socialize by taking a hike or meeting up for coffee.  These will be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly teachers and students will be encourage to do something away from their iPads.

I think this is an exciting trend, providing iPads for everyone will make it fair to everyone regardless of ability to pay, it would help with teacher/student engagement.  Students would be encouraged to collaborate with each other through forums etc.

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Tech and Trek


Preschool Technology

I came across this Podcast that was hosted on HiMama  website.  This Podcast was created October 11, 2016 and was titled Preschool Technology and Marketing Trends by Fran Simon who is the founder of Engagement Strategies Consulting and producer of Early Childhood Investagations.  In this episode Fran is talking about exploring technology in preschool, including proper usage by teachers in the classroom and how technology can be used for marketing early learning programs.  After listening to this Podcast I was interested in some of the resources Fran shared on technology in early childhood  field.  I will be sharing the links where you can find more information that Fran was talking about.  You can look for them in my links area on my Blog. Fran stated Childcare is about 5 to 8 years behind in the technology world, I know this to be true as I have been working in the field for over 30 years and not many childcare centres have anything more than a computer in the office.  The websites Fran references, on the Podcast, showcases some positive results using technology in preschool. One thing to look for when using teaching Apps check to see if the Apps are creating or consuming the learner. Click on the link below and look for episode #13 in the Podcast, enjoy!

Episode Length: 41:37 minutes

Episode #13


Documenting Life

I came across an article in my professional magazine for Early Childhood Educators.  This article is talking about the use of technology in the Childcare Centres.  Even though the article was written two years ago not much progress has been made with using technology in the field.  It is interesting that this article was showing the benefits of using technology to communicate the child’s learning and activities to parents as another tool for connection, and here we are two years later and we are pricing out the cost of getting iPads for my organization so that the teachers can send documentation to the families in our programs. When I think about two years ago there were two Childcare Centres in Ontario trying out a new way to use technology in their Centres and how excited I was to think about the possibilities.  When I attend conferences in British Columbia I have not met any Childcare provider who are using the Storypark or any other software in their Centres. I feel the barrier might be the cost, the security of confidential information, and perhaps the time to complete the task.

We can all agree that it is a great tool but only if each Centre could support the cost and the children’s information could be secured, then I think we will see alot more Centres signing up.

Interaction. Volume 29, Number 1, Spring 2015 (p. 7-9).  Documenting Life Connecting Children, Parents and Educators in an Online Community with a Child Care Documentation Tool — Storypark. By Lisa Lalonde.


Combating University Depression

I found this article in the Conversation, a journal published from Michigan State University.  The article is talking about the high numbers of students attending University who are suffering from depression in the USA. The numbers are increasing and the mental health services are not able to meet the demands especially in the evenings and weekends.

There is a new a new system being developed for use in diagnosing depression.  It is an App called iSee which will be used with your Smartphone or Smart watch.  Students would carry around there phone or wear their watch and data would be collected by those devices and transmitted to, and analyzed by, a computer system.  This would help with the long waiting lists to see a counselor, and also have a better understanding of the risk factors involved for each student.

I think this would be a great idea the built in sensors would be able to provide more factual data and be able to track physical activity, sleep patterns and screen time.  It will help monitor progress and/or risk patterns.

If you would like more information on this study please click the link below.

The Conversation