Documenting Life

I came across an article in my professional magazine for Early Childhood Educators.  This article is talking about the use of technology in the Childcare Centres.  Even though the article was written two years ago not much progress has been made with using technology in the field.  It is interesting that this article was showing the benefits of using technology to communicate the child’s learning and activities to parents as another tool for connection, and here we are two years later and we are pricing out the cost of getting iPads for my organization so that the teachers can send documentation to the families in our programs. When I think about two years ago there were two Childcare Centres in Ontario trying out a new way to use technology in their Centres and how excited I was to think about the possibilities.  When I attend conferences in British Columbia I have not met any Childcare provider who are using the Storypark or any other software in their Centres. I feel the barrier might be the cost, the security of confidential information, and perhaps the time to complete the task.

We can all agree that it is a great tool but only if each Centre could support the cost and the children’s information could be secured, then I think we will see alot more Centres signing up.

Interaction. Volume 29, Number 1, Spring 2015 (p. 7-9).  Documenting Life Connecting Children, Parents and Educators in an Online Community with a Child Care Documentation Tool — Storypark. By Lisa Lalonde.