I chose these slides, as the content was easy to follow and I learned some new words and definitions that I didn’t know. It also has some good links to other websites, to help further my knowledge

If I’m going to create a Blended Learning environment, or continue to engage and motivate students, I have to be knowledgeable in using media resources.

I’m a visual learner so I know the benefits of using media resources to enhance my learning. I will continue to work on staying current in the trends of technology.


Instructional Process/Strategies

I found a participant’s handbook that had been uploaded onto a website.  The Instructional Skills Workshop Handbook, I feel is a very useful tool.

I really like the resource, the lay out was easy to follow, there were questions to answer that helps you focus. It has step by step strategies to follow when planning lessons so the flow in the instruction is maintained.

I can see myself using the sample lesson planning sheets, the focus questions and referring to it as I continue my studies in PIDP.  I will have solid lesson plans if I follow this format.

Motivational Techniques

I have always been interested in learning about engagement and motivation, specifically my role in motivating and creating self motivation in adults.  This website has some good strategies that I can implement immediately when planning a lesson.

You will notice the examples on the website take into consideration the characteristics of an adult learner.  This will help me be successful whether I’m teaching an online course or in a face to face classroom.

Characteristics of Adult Learners

This article has some good basic information on things to consider when designing lesson plans.  It provides information on learning styles and teaching styles of students and instructors.

The article is specific to teaching the adult learner, and has a number of links that you can use for more information on specific topics.

I found the article a good starting point for planning a teaching experience with adults. It helped me assess my teaching style and identify my adult learning characteristics.

For more information on Andragogy by Malcolm Knowles follow this link,

Bloom’s Taxonomy

If you are a visual learner like me and do not have a clear understanding about traditional learning theories, specifically Cognitivism or information-processing, then this website is for you.

Bloom’s Taxonomy explains how we use our brain and our senses to process information.  This theory is typically used in the classroom for curriculum planning and developing learning objectives.

I can see myself using this resource to assess, identify and plan accordingly to when a student is ready for a new task or assignment.